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Our vision

Participate in the construction of a fully connected, fully aware and fully intelligent world and become a globally influential technology enterprise.

Laser is the pioneer and leader of laser industrial application in China, and the authoritative provider of global laser processing solutions. We comprehensively deploy laser intelligent equipment, measurement and automated production lines, and smart factory construction to provide overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing.

We deeply grasp the development trend of the manufacturing industry, constantly enrich products and solutions, insist on exploring the integration of automation, informatization, intelligence and manufacturing, and provide laser cutting systems, laser welding systems, laser marking systems including full power series for various industries. Series, complete sets of laser texturing equipment, laser heat treatment systems, laser drilling machines, lasers and various supporting devices, special equipment for laser processing and plasma cutting equipment, as well as automated production lines and overall plans for smart factory construction.

HGLASER actively participates in the wave of modern industry and undertakes a number of national key projects and major scientific and technological projects in the laser field, enriching the core of "optical manufacturing" according to market demand and application scenarios. We will enable laser technology to connect with things, promote the efficient connection between things and things, people and things, and achieve barrier-free information sharing. To serve technological innovation, we continue to widen the boundary between laser and intelligent manufacturing, break down industry barriers, and make laser technology and intelligent manufacturing solutions an advanced tool and concept that drives human production and empowers social services.

Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Focuses on All Possibilities

From laser intelligent equipment to automated production lines and smart factories, in order to meet the actual needs of customers in various fields and scenarios, HGLASER continues to enrich products and solutions, extend the intelligent manufacturing value chain, and meet the actual needs of customers in various fields. 5G communication, sheet metal processing, new energy, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, bridges, rail transportation, medical care, consumer goods, home appliances, and other fields, continue to expand the "laser + intelligent manufacturing" service space.


The kinetic energy of industrialization development comes from the demand for productivity change, and it is also inseparable from the leadership of cutting-edge research. In 1971, with the birth of China's first professional laser class, HGLASER started nearly half a century of technology accumulation.

In 1971, China's first professional laser class was born, and HGLASER started nearly half a century of technology accumulation. Fifty years of resonance with China's laser development at the same frequency, we know that any discipline needs to be tested by practice, and any mature technology and solution must also be tested by the market. In laser equipment, automation, intelligent manufacturing and other fields, we have always adhered to technological breakthroughs and technological innovation; from core unit technology to system solutions, HGLASER has helped build a "smart manufacturing" world with its profound technological accumulation and forward-looking research layout.


Relying on forward-looking process research, a full range of product systems, efficient delivery response and perfect after-sales system, we provide you with professional and timely services to fully meet your production needs.

R&D and pilot test bases: R&D and pilot test bases of more than 60,000 square meters in China, and 6 regional technical centers to provide you with professional and timely process services.

Production base: The domestic intelligent manufacturing production base of more than 100,000 square meters, 24 hours * 365 days to meet the needs of batch delivery.

Great Overseas R&D Center

Ultrafast Laser R&D Center in Toronto, Canada, Laser Application R&D Center in Silicon Valley, United States, Smart Manufacturing Research Center in Hamburg, Germany, and High-Power Laser Equipment R&D Center in Melbourne, Australia.

Global nationwide sales network: 40+ domestic offices, 30+ overseas sales service centers, to provide you with professional and considerate pre-sales services.

 going to the world

We adhere to the global strategy of openness, inclusiveness, mutual benefit and sharing, and have a complete market service system at home and abroad. We have more than 40 offices in China, including the United States, Australia, India, Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Sales and service agencies are equipped with a complete agency system in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Argentina and other countries, which can provide professional and efficient services to global customers.


Build a smart factory and create a number of "laser + intelligent manufacturing" demonstration model projects; participate in the formulation of China's first international standard for laser products.


Completed the construction of the "laser + industry application" system, and the full-power series of laser intelligent equipment serves 3C electronics, 5G communication, sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing and other fields.


The high-quality and efficient laser welding and cutting key processes and complete sets of equipment in automobile manufacturing have won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award; the laser micro-nano processing technology innovation industry benchmark.


Lead the formulation of national standards for the laser industry and participate in the formulation of international standards for the laser industry.


Huagong Technology Industry Co., Ltd. was established and listed; it acquired Farley Laserlab, a world-renowned laser cutting and plasma cutting company.