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As an important manifestation of the integration of new technologies and high-end equipment, automobile manufacturing can reflect the highest level of national manufacturing. At present, in automobile manufacturing, about 50%-70% of body parts can be processed by laser, and laser processing technology and equipment have become the development direction of international automobile manufacturing. HGLASER provides you with various processing and application technologies covering body-in-white welding, auto parts manufacturing, PMS production data management, etc. There are various laser processes such as cutting, marking, and welding to meet the different needs of enterprises.

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Auto parts application

Parts laser processing system, covering three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting and welding system, non-metal flexible cutting system, automobile instrument panel airbag laser weakening system, robot flexible laser cutting and welding system, CNC machine tool cutting system.

Parts cutting and welding production line, covering laser blanking production line, CNC laser tailor welding production line, battery tray laser welding production line, automobile transmission parts welding production line.

High precision, high speed, good dynamic performance, equipped with high-performance rotary table, can meet the high cycle requirements of the automotive industry.

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As an important basic and strategic industry for the development of the national economy, China's construction machinery industry has risen rapidly in the rapid development of infrastructure and manufacturing. Laser cutting machines have been widely used in the construction machinery industry 10 years ago, mainly used for cutting and blanking of concrete, cranes, road machines, loaders, port machinery, excavators, fire machinery, sanitation machinery and other products. As a pioneer of cutting and welding in the laser industry, HGLASER vigorously promotes the application of plane laser cutting machines, 3D laser cutting machines, groove laser cutting machines and laser pipe cutting machines in the industry, and provides a wide range of industry solutions to help enterprises Improve production efficiency, improve process level, quickly respond to market changes, and enhance the competitiveness of products in an increasingly competitive market.

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China has gradually become an international processing and manufacturing center. The demand for metal processing is increasing, and the complexity of the process is relatively high. Even some parts have dozens of processes, which also puts forward higher requirements for sheet metal processing in terms of precision. Traditional sheet metal processing includes cutting, blanking and bending processes. The blanking process requires a lot of molds and wastes a lot of time and capital costs. Laser cutting is an efficient and high-quality flexible processing technology. Laser sheet metal processing does not require molds. Compared with traditional processing methods, it is simpler to operate, more flexible, and has lower operation and maintenance costs. HGLASER has innovated and upgraded the laser cutting technology accumulated over the years, launched a variety of advanced laser cutting equipment, provided efficient and professional laser sheet metal processing solutions for the sheet metal processing industry, and ultimately maximized the value of customers.

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3C Electronics

The transfer of mobile phones from mobile terminals to smart terminals means that the functional requirements of mobile phones are increased, and mobile phone modules are highly integrated and thin. At the same time, with the arrival of 5G, the infinite radio frequency layer is developing towards miniaturization, light weight and high integration. The application of high frequency and low loss materials in the signal transmission layer has accelerated the penetration of micro-nano laser applications.