Online Bible研經工具

這個從網上下載的研經工具可以英文和原文讀聖經,並可隨時查閱原文字義的解釋,十分實用,且是免費的,還可以不近斷 upgrade。

網址 : Online Bible For Window


使用步驟 :

一.下載及安裝幾個基本的程式 :  

  1. Click the following items to download the file(Advance Starter Pack,IGNT & BYZ )  
  2. Select "Save this program to disk" and click on "OK".
  3. Select "Desktop" as the location to place the file.
  4. After the download has finished look for the program on your desktop.
  5. Be sure that the Online Bible program is not running and double click on the file to install.
  6. After the installation is complete, drag the downloaded file to the recycle bin to remove.

二。使用Online Bible研經工具 :

1. 觀看希臘文聖經 / 英文聖經: From menu, choose "File"-->"Open" -->"Passage" --> under "Book/ Chapter/Verse" choose John 1:1 and under"Select Version to Display" choose  IGNT or AV

2. 開啟附註  :  

3. 觀看字典 : 

4. 搜查經文 :  

5. 觀看原文文法分析 : Point anywhere in the passage window and click the  right mouse button-->"Open Version"-->choose BYZ --> see the symbol with the blacket e.g. omoiwsw <3666> (5692) {V-FAI-1S}

6. 其他用法 : From menu, choose"Help" --> choose "Short Tutorial"


三。下載其他聖經和字典 :

1. 從這網址Online Bible For Window中,下載你喜歡的聖經(e.g.Hebrew Text, ASV,DBY,YLT) 字典或釋經書等。

2. 重覆一.的指示。

3. 安裝新的檔案 : Open the Online Bible program. From pull down menu, choose "Tools" --> "User Module Tools" --> "Restore/ Add Material" --> open Restore Backups box as the following pictures :

a. within "From Directory" box, double click on locate where you 'unzipped' the download files  to  e.g. c:\Online Bible Setup 

b. Within "From File" box, click on the download  file name to highlight (pointer in picture)

c. Click "OK".  (Repeat from step #b for more than one module)



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