Definite Article 冠詞

I. 冠詞的詞形分析Morphological Analysis : 


D def article冠詞 Case格

N nom主格

G gen所有格

D dat間接受格

A acc直接受格

V voc呼格


M masc陽性

F fem陰性

N neut中性


S singular

P plural


II. 冠詞的用法 :

A. Anaphoric Usage : refer back to or resume the initial usage of the noun.

B. Usage with Names of Places and People : emphasis or designation(指定)of a name or  title.

C. Usage with Abstract Substantives(抽象的實名詞) : 特顯該名詞的作用

D. Usage with Adjectives, Participles and Phrases : articles add to any word/group of word to make into substantive (實名詞)

E. Usage with Linking Verbs : tell which is subject

F. The Granville Sharp Rule : a single article links 2 or more singular substantives, the 2nd and subsequent substantives are related to or further describe the first

III. 例子 - 太6:19 : 先看Analytical Greek NT,d開始的便是Noun名詞了 (np是代名詞Pronoun). 我們先將所有冠詞以紅色代表。th/j 這冠詞的詞形分析是gen, fem, sl,與下一個字gh/j/(n-gf-s) 一樣,表示它是gh/j/(earth)的冠詞。可見,經文中的 "地上" 是指一個特定的地方 (III.B,C的用法),特顯 "地上" 與天堂的分別。

Online Bible (AV version)  :  Lay 2343 not 3361 up 2343 5720 for yourselves 5213 treasures 2344 upon 1909 earth 1093, where 3699 moth 4597 and 2532 rust 1035 doth corrupt 853 5719, and 2532 where 3699 thieves 2812 break through 1358 5719 and 2532 steal 2813 5719
Analytical Greek NT : Mh(qn) qhsauri,zete (vmpa--2p) u`mi/n ,(npd-2p) qhsaurou.j (n-am-p) evpi,(pg) th/j `(dgfs) gh/j/(n-gf-s) o[pou(abr) sh.j (n-nm-s) kai,(cc) brw/sij (n-nf-s) avfani,zei (vipa--3s) kai,(cc) o[pou (abr) kle,ptai (n-nm-p) dioru,ssousin(vipa--3p) kai,(cc) kle,ptousin(vipa--3p)


習作 : 

1. 試找出太6:21-22中的冠詞,並完成其詞形分析。


太6:21 o[pou o[pou(cs) ga,r ga,r(cs) evstin eivmi,(vipa--3s) o` o`(dnms) qhsauro,j qhsauro,j(n-nm-s) sou( su,(npg-2s) evkei/ evkei/(ab) e;stai eivmi,(vifd--3s) kai. kai,(ab) h` o`(dnfs) kardi,a kardi,a(n-nf-s) sou?su,(npg-2s)

6:22 ~O o`(dnms) lu,cnoj lu,cnoj(n-nm-s) tou/ o`(dgns) sw,mato,j sw/ma(n-gn-s) evstin eivmi,(vipa--3s) o` o`(dnms) ovfqalmo,j?ovfqalmo,j(n-nm-s) eva.n eva,n(cs) ou=n ou=n(ch) h=| eivmi,(vspa--3s) o` o`(dnms) ovfqalmo,j ovfqalmo,j(n-nm-s) sou su,(npg-2s) a`plou/j( a`plou/j(a--nm-s) o[lon o[loj(a--nn-s) to. o`(dnns) sw/ma, sw/ma(n-nn-s) sou su,(npg-2s) fwteino.n fwteino,j(a--nn-s) e;stai\ eivmi,(vifd--3s)

 2 . 利用希臘文生字卡,熟記在新約聖經中出現201-500次的 40個字。

3. 繼續以Online Bible 及Analytical Greek New Testament讀太5-7章